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God Desires to Blow My Mind – Pastor Martin Childs Jr. D. Min.

TEXTS:  JEREMIAH 33:1-3 INTRODUCTION   Many of us are dealing with something that we cannot handle Many of us are in situations where we have more questions than answers IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE  (Jeremiah Chapter 32) A.  Jeremiah is in prison in the king’s house Why? Jeremiah did not prophesy what the king wanted to…
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“Does Prayer Change Things?” – Pastor Martin Childs Jr., D. Min

Texts: 2 Corinthians 12:1-10 INTRODUCTION: A. Quote "Prayer changes things" 1. Donald Barnhouse, "Prayer changes nothing" 2. Charles Swindol, "Prayer changes me" 3. Martin Childs, "Prayer positions me For Agreement With God's Will" B. How I view prayer reveals how I view God 1. "Prayer changes things - God is a cosmic vending machine. God…
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“Show Me Your Glory” – Pastor Edmund Davis

TEXT: 33:12-23 INTRODUCTION What a huge request to make. He could not have asked for more: show me your glory! Perhaps it is the greatest petition that man ever asked of God. Moses requested an even greater sense of God’s Presence that had not been experienced by any person. This demonstrates that God rewards the seeking…
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