God Desires to Blow My Mind – Pastor Martin Childs Jr. D. Min.



  1. Many of us are dealing with something that we cannot handle
  2. Many of us are in situations where we have more questions than answers

IT DOES NOT MAKE SENSE  (Jeremiah Chapter 32)

A.  Jeremiah is in prison in the king’s house

  1. Why? Jeremiah did not prophesy what the king wanted to hear
  2. Jeremiah prophesied that the king would not have success against the Chaldeans
  3. Jeremiah prophesied what God told him

B.  God spoke to Jeremiah

  1. Your cousin will come to you to buy his field
  2. His cousin came and said exactly what God said that he would
  3. Jeremiah bought the field for 17 shekels of silver
  4. Jeremiah signed the deed, sealed it, took witnesses, weighed out the money on scales and gave the deed to Baruch in the presence of the witnesses

C.  Jeremiah prayed for revelation for why he was told to buy the field

  1. Jeremiah acknowledges that the city is given to the Chaldeans
  2. Yet, God tells him to buy the field in the presence of witnesses

D.  God responds

  1. “Is there anything too hard for me?”
  2. “I will give this city into the hand of the Chaldeans.”
  3. “I will bring them back to this place, to dwell safely
  4. “Fields will be bought in this land of which you say ‘it is desolate without man or beast, it has been given onto the hand of  the Chaldeans.”


A.  The Word came a second time while he was still in prison

  1. Jeremiah is still in prison
  2. His situation did not change

B.  “Call to me”

  1. God tells me to call on Him
  2. I may not have other things. However, I always have God

C.  “I will answer you”

  1. God tells us to call, and tells us He will answer
  2. Compare to what John says in I John 5:14, 15

D.  “And show you great and mighty things, which you do not know”




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