For just over a year, God has been preparing us as we are planning for a move from Sherman Boulevard to 38th Street. This process has been both a spiritual journey and faith walk. Stated another way, We have had to walk in faith on this spiritual journey.

Some have walked swifter than others, some more surefooted than others and some more cautiously than others. Nevertheless, we are faith.

None of us planned for this journey. When we established our goals and budget for 2014, we did not have plans and money allocated for a move. We did not have a large building fund in the bank from which we could draw. We did not have years of meetings where we forecasted long-range plans for a move. We prayed - and God spoke - and we walked out by faith.

Throughout every step of this process, we have witnessed God's hand at work. From contractors, to building inspectors, to service providers, to 'you name it'. Literally, everyone with whom we have worked, God has revealed why they were there. Even with some of the delays, God is revealing to us the reason why.

I encourage you to join us in Walking in Faith, this Spiritual Journey that God has before us. I guarantee that God will continue to reveal himself in the life of this church, and, more importantly, in your life and the life of your family.


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