The Pastor’s Pen:


During this season, we celebrate the fact that God so loved us that He gave His Son. The primary emphasis here is God’s love and God’s giving. We likewise, desire to celebrate this season with love and giving to those who were affected by the storm in Houston. Following is a report of how the money that you previously donated was used.

            Antoine and Tangela Mooring

  • Family of one woman
  • She is from Jamaica, and has no family here
  • Her husband died in June
  • Her house was destroyed in the flood
  • FEMA would only allowed a loan to repair her home
  • They are working on her house and she hopes to be back in it by February
  • She is currently living with a lady from their church
  • $615.00 – to purchase personal items, meet immediate needs, etc.


  • First Family: Family of three (mom, dad and daughter)
  • They lost their car and house in the flood
  • No extended family support
  • They are currently moving around (couch surfing) until they save enough money for a place of their own
  • $350.00 – to purchase a crib, sheets, clothes and medicine for the baby
  • Second Family: Family of four (mom, dad, son and daughter)
  • Both mom and dad’s jobs closed due to the storm
  • They speak little English, and have not found a job paying family sustaining wages, Therefore, they are working menial jobs
  • They are four months behind on their house note and behind on other bills
  • $265.00 – to purchase clothes, shoes and household items, etc.

Deacon and Sis. Dangerfield

  • Family of three (mom, son and daughter)
  • Mom is currently in the hospital
  • She lost everything (her home and everything in it was destroyed)
  • She is living in a temporary place provided by FEMA. FEMA has not provided enough money for her to repair her house.
  • $615.00 – to purchase school clothes, household items, etc.

On today, through the week and on next Sunday, we will be receiving donations from those of you who desire to assist these families. Our Houston Missionaries are communicating with them to determine their current, pressing needs.

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