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“Teaching, Preaching and Reaching For Christ”

“Who Is This Jesus?”

“Who Is This Jesus?” Our theme for Lent 2018 is, “Who Is This Jesus?” I am challenging you to spend quality and quantity time with God over the next 40 days as you repent of the wrong that you have done, and consecrate yourself to Him. The season of Lent is customarily accompanied with fasting.…
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Who Is This Jesus?

On Wednesday, February 14th, we will celebrate Ash Wednesday. Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and marks the beginning of a time of repentance and consecration. Repentance means to turn away. Spiritually, it is a turning away from sin and a turning to God. As I Repent, I turn 180o - that is,…
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Mending the Broken

MENDING THE BROKEN For several years, I have question the things that tend to be pervasive, prevalent and continually persistent in our communities. Our communities tend to rank at the bottom of all of the positive outcomes that are measured, and our communities tend to rank at the top of all of the negative outcomes…
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The Pastor’s Pen: HOUSTON MISSIONS During this season, we celebrate the fact that God so loved us that He gave His Son. The primary emphasis here is God’s love and God’s giving. We likewise, desire to celebrate this season with love and giving to those who were affected by the storm in Houston. Following is…
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