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“Teaching, Preaching and Reaching For Christ”


REALIZED ESCHATOLOGY The average conservative, evangelical church has done a great job of pursuing evangelism – that is, seeking to ensure that everyone gives their lives to Jesus, the Christ. Additionally, they go all over the world to preach salvation through Jesus in honor of Matthew 28:19,20, “Go  therefore and  make disciples of all the…
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Church History

CHURCH HISTORY – 1952 TO THE PRESENT IN THE BEGINNING – GENESIS 1:1-5 It was a cold Monday in Milwaukee, WI.  Reverend CV Harrington and his wife Susie were praying, listening and obeying God’s commandment to them.  God spoke to Rev Harrington and told him to establish a place where people weary of this world…
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LIMITED BY MY EFFORT AND FAITH One of the unfortunate aspects for us as Christians is that we, sometimes, do less than expected by God. For example: ▪ God said, “Bring your tithe (10% of your income) to the storehouse (temple/church). We, sometimes, give God less than 10%. ▪ God said, “Love your enemies.” We,…
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50th Anniversary of Dr. King’s Assassination

50TH ANNIVERSARY OF DR. KING’S ASSASSINATION Follow is a portion of Dr. King’s “I’ve Been to the Mountaintop” speech that he gave the night before he was assassinated, on April 3, 1968 in Memphis, TN. “And I'm always happy to see a relevant ministry. It's all right to talk about "long white robes over yonder," in all…
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