ANNOUNCEMENTS – 01-28-2024


Coming Events:
 The Deacons Ministry welcomes you to the return of Birthday Sundays. On the 2nd Sunday of each month, we invite you to join us
immediately after Worship Service to meet your deacon and fellowship with those born in your birthday month. We will host those born in February, on the 11th. Please see your Deacon with any questions.

 The Golden Ministry has restarted formulating the Pilgrim Rest
Senior Cook Book. We need your favorite recipes. Place them in the
envelopes located in the Box labeled “Recipes.

 Save your pill bottles, bring them to church and place in the container

 Attention: HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS! Please pick up your scholarship
packets from Sister Rubye Jones.

Beyond Grateful,

Pastor Childs & Pilgrim Rest Family, thank you for visiting, calling & bring
communion for John Lewis. For the powerful prayers the were comforting,
peaceful & real. John’s Home Going was beautiful.

With love,


Dear Friends of UNCF:
Please accept our thanks for your support and interest in the work of UNCF.
Gifts from supporters like you help defray the cost of college expenses. Thank
you for believing that “A mind is a terrible thing to waste.”

Minister on Call for January – Pastor Kendrick Allen, 414-731-5732

Good afternoon, Pilgrim Rest! We have a family in need. They were burned
out of their home. This is a family in the Head Start Program that Sister
Connie Dallas is affiliated with. Below are the sizes for the family.
Here are the sizes for mom and the girls:
Latria Sheets---Clothing size Large and shoes 8 1/2
Ka’Meila Laura—age 5, Size 7/8 and shoes 13
Xa'kailah Bernard—age 3, Size 5T and shoes 8 or 8 1/2
Xa'Niyah Bernard- age 4 months, size 3/6 months

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