Online Giving

Our Offeratory Creed for giving is derived from five scriptural references:

  1. GOD OWNS IT ALL (Genesis 1:1)
  2. I WILL SEEK GOD FIRST (Matthew 6:33)
  3. GIVE HIM HIS (Acts 5:1-11)
  4. HE WILL GIVE ME THE POWER TO GAIN WEALTH (Deuteronomy 8:17-18)
  5. THAT I MAY ALSO GIVE TO OTHER (I John 3:16-18)

"When I increase my ability to handle it, God will increase my ability to have it. I give to a giving God, God owns it all, therefore, I will seek God first, give him his, and he will give me the power to gain wealth, that I may also give to others."


Online Giving

We offer the option to give digitally through our online presence. Please let us know in the available comment field at our payment partner to which of the following options you would like to contribute and how you would like to distribute your offering amount (for example, "Total $275 = Tithe: $225; Sunday School: $20; Capital Campaign: $30"):

  • General
  • Benevolence
  • Church School
  • Nehemiah, Inc.
  • Susie Harrington House
  • Church Anniversary
  • Family Day
  • Scholarship
  • Capital Campaign
  • Others


Click HERE to give online  (Scroll down for assistance with our digital giving)




Online Giving Instructions


Step 1:

Click the circled button

Step 2:

Enter your total stewardship amount

Step 3:

Enter the information needed to continue the stewardship process, then click the button at the end of the form to continue

Step 4:

Click "Please enter ministry distribution here"

Step 5:

Enter the itemization of your stewardship contribution, then click the button at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

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