PASTOR’S PEN – April 18, 2020


I pray that you and your families continue to experience the peace, presence and participation of God in your lives and you are healthy and well.

I know that we are all struggling with the challenges of the Safer at Home Order and finding alternative ways of interacting with family and friends. I remain prayerful for your safety and security and remain available to you to listen and share regarding your needs and concerns. Please call me, text me (414-852-4010) and/or email me pilgrimrestpastorchilds@gmail.com so we can talk out and talk through anything that you may be going through or need assistance with.

I also desire to share with you three B’s that I will further develop over the next few weeks:

Whereas this season of change that we are in has brought out the best in some people, unfortunately, it has brought out the worst in others. There are several scams and cons that are being perpetrated against unsuspecting victims. In short, do not accept anything from anyone that you do not know and did not order. This includes masks, and other items that you think you may need. Additionally, do not give your personal information to anyone who calls you to sell you something or give you something that you did not call first to inquire about. If someone is trying to give you something, sell you something and/or asking you to give them something, please call the church office so we may assist you.

For some, remaining at home all day is an inconvenience and an intrusion to their normal routines. For others, remaining at home all day is a nightmare because they are at home with an abuser (including physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, and all other forms of abuse). Leaving home for work or school provided an opening for them to have several hours of relief from their abuser and opportunities for them to pursue self-care and positive reinforcements from others. Now that they are in the house all day with their abusers, who may be under the additional stress of loss of work and income, the abuse is more frequent and more violent. If you or someone you know is in an abusive environment, please make contact with me so we can talk through options that are available to you for relief and release from that environment. Your contact with me will remain anonymous.

Please take the precautions that have been established seriously. Reduce your interactions with others outside of those in your household to only those that are necessary. Practice social distancing of 6 feet between you and others. Wear your masks (if you do not have a mask, please call the church office to obtain one) when you must go outside of your house. Sanitize your home and items that you frequently touch (cell phone, remote control, door knobs, computer keyboards, etc. Wash your hands often.

Last, although we are forced to remain in our homes it does not mean that we are forced to sit and do nothing. There are still activities that we can participate in and ministry we can perform. Following are some options that I pray will stimulate other ideas for you:

1. Check on a neighbor
2. Establish a daily exercise routine
3. Read that book you have been intending to read
4. Play a game with your family
5. Call your family and friends
6. Learn a new skill
7. Reset your 2020 goals
8. Find a new income stream (Be creative)
9. Write / Journal your thoughts and reflections during this season
10. Pray for your church

We continue to pray for you and your families.


Pastor Martin and Sis. Thresessa Childs

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