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Words of Wisdom from Married Couples


1. Just take it

2. Lord, help me

3. Never say, “I told you so.”

4. Trust God, know that she has my back, know she is made for me, accept Christ

5. You can’t sweat the small stuff

6. Let some stuff go

7. Just be quiet

8. Never let him stay angry

9. Compromise to resolve it

10. Pray and worship together

11. Respect one another, and respect the other’s decision

12. Communication, communication, communication

13. Take / Make time to be together

14. Give each other space

15. Be a good listener

16. Do not stop dating

17. When you resolve an issue, let it stay resolved. Do not bring it back up

18. Do not let an argument be bigger than your marriage

19. Marriage is work… Work at it…

20. It is who you go through it with

21. Out of everything, you are here together

22. Put God first. Grow together

23. You cannot be selfish

24. Be honest with each other

25. Protect each other

26. Above everything else, at the foundation of it all, you must be friends

27. Separate who the person is from what the person did

As we are talking about Jesus’ love for us, it is of equal importance to talk about our love for each other. Jesus commands it. We all are in numerous relationships where we can practice this love: Parent-Child, Siblings, Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors, Etc.

One relationship, however, is deeper that all others. That is the relationship of husband and wife. In no other relationship do you stand before God and vow to love that person “For better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish, till death do us part.” No other. Therefore, it is essential for those who are married to practice, and perfect this love as an example to the world of Jesus’ love for the church – His bride.

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