Happy 67th Anniversary


On today, we celebrate 67 years of ministry. For 67 years, God has blessed PILGRIM REST to be a shining light in the community and a place where a PILGRIM, weary and worn from the journey of life, may find REST.

On this day of celebration, we look back at all of the blessings and miracles that God had given to, and worked through those who came before us. Their faith created a foundation upon which we now stand. They believed God for what He could do, trusted God for what He would do, and God honored their faith. Indeed, as we look back, we see the hand of God in the life of Pilgrim Rest over and over again. We are the benefactors of their faith.

As much as it is necessary to look back, we also look forward. We look forward to the blessings and miracles that God will continue to give to us, and work through us. We look forward because those who have gone before us were looking forward. They sacrificed, making choices and decisions in their day to meet the ministry needs of today. It remains a mystery how they prepared us then for what we need now… Therefore, we pause to remember their sacrifice.

In addition, we continue pressing, in expectation of those who will come after us – trusting that we are laying an appropriate foundation upon which they will build, sacrificing, and making choices and decisions today to prepare them for what they will need on tomorrow.

As we are responding to the question, “What did Jesus have in mind when He died to establish the church?This anniversary celebration provides an opportunity for us to look back as we look forward.

Receive these quotes that I have previously shared, and are yet appropriate to what God is doing where we are today:

• “Together shall we continue to grow and this church shall be as a flaming mountain standing out as a beacon light leading men to Christ, giving our children better religious training, our mission giving aid to those in need and here may the downtrodden find solace and peace.”   ​Pastor C. V. Harrington,  1964

• “Our hope is that these facilities will enable Pilgrim Rest to engage in a more fruitful Christian ministry to the Milwaukee community.”  

​    ​                                                                          Pastor Leroy B. Mixon,  1983

• “Pilgrim Rest possesses the power necessary to stabilize the downward spiral of hopelessness and despair that is prevalent in our community. Even more, we possess the vision and resources requisite for the liberation, transformation and re-unification of our community.”   ​  

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