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GIVE IT TO GOD – Pastor Martin Childs Jr. D. Min.

TEXT: 2 KINGS 19:8-20, 32-34                                                     March 3, 2019



A. Where You are

1. Where is God right now?

2. Where do you need God to be right now?

B. Who You are

1. Who does God say that God is?

2. Who do I know God to be?

C. What You have done

1. What is the Biblical account of God’s works?

2. What testimonies have I heard regarding God’s works?

3. What is my personal testimony of God’s works?

APPEAL [For God to hear and see my challenge]

A. Bend down Your ear to hear

B. Open Your eyes and see

ACKNOWLEDGE [That I cannot solve/resolve this challenge by myself]

A. Hezekiah

1. It is true that the kings of Assyria destroyed all of those nations

2. It is true that the kings of Assyria threw all of their gods in the fire

3. It is true that their gods were not gods

B. What is the truth regarding my challenge?

1. Be honest

2. Be all-encompassing

ASK [God to intervene on my behalf]

A. Hezekiah

1. What is the ask? – Save us from his hand

2. Why is the ask? – That all the kingdoms of the earth may know that You

alone, O Lord, are God

B. What is the ask?

1. What do I need God to do?

2. What do I really need God to do?

3. Be specific

4. Be comprehensive

C. Why is the ask?

1. That everyone may know that God alone is God

2. “Praise God”

ANSWER [That I hear God saying to me]

A. Hezekiah: I have heard your prayer… I will defend this city for My sake…

B. God promises to hear and answer… For God’s glory…

1. Jeremiah 33:3 3. Psalm 91:15

2. Isaiah 65:24 4. Isaiah 30:19

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