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One of the most common phrases that I hear from people who do not commit to coming to church weekly, and/or commit to a ministry is, “I do not have time.” I must admit that this phrase is somewhat difficult to receive when I think about the commitment of weekly worship attendance and/or commitment to ministry participation of my parents and grandparents in their day with all of the challenges of life that they experienced, while raising four, six, eight, and sometimes twelve children compared to all of the time saving inventions and technological advances that we have in this era.

Just imagine, they worked all day in the field, in the factory, in someone else’s house – many times working two and three jobs – six and seven days a week. They came home and cooked home-cooked meals from scratch for their families, cut the grass, painted the house and completed all of the other chores necessary to keep the house functioning. Then, got up the next morning, well before light, and started the process all over again.

With all that was necessary for them to accomplish on a daily basis, they still had time to attend Sunday School, Worship Service and BTU every Sunday. Additionally, they attended Prayer Meeting, Usher Meeting and Choir Rehearsal. Even more, they took us to Choir Rehearsal and Boy Scouts/Girl Scouts, Youth Meetings and other activities.

How did they have the time to accomplish all of these things? More than a commitment to weekly worship attendance and commitment to ministry, they had a commitment to Christ. Their relationship with Christ was a priority for them, and they refused to permit or allow anything to get in between. They understood that their ability to accomplish everything that they needed to do on a daily basis, was based upon the time that they spent in the presence of God on Sunday, and the midweek activities. They realized that only by placing Christ first, and making Christ a priority, they would be able to accomplish everything else that they needed to do.

When it comes to commitment to weekly worship attendance and commitment to your ministry is your response, “I do not have time”? If so, I encourage you on today to make a commitment to Christ. When you pause to think about all that Christ has done for you and given to you, is there any reason not to commit to him.

Following are 10 Reasons to Never Miss a Sunday by Kristen Terrette:

1. God deserves the sacrifice of our time

2. A worship service starts my week out right

3. God deserves my worship and praise

4. It sets a pattern and example for my children to follow

5. God wants me to serve others

6. It’s a chance to visit with my church family

7. Others are watching

8. It’s good for my relationships

9. It reminds me to give back

10. God wants to use me

During this season where we reflect upon how much God has given to us through Jesus, the Christ, let us also reflect upon our level of commitment in giving back to him.

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