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ANNOUNCEMENTS – February 16, 2019


* Contribution Statements, if you would like to receive your statement, please sign up in the foyer.

* Pilgrim Rest Boys Basketball – Abundant Faith vs Pilgrim Rest, Saturday, February 16, at 7:00pm. Lamb of God vs Pilgrim Rest both at St. Augustine Prep located at 2605 S. 5th Street.

* Saturday, February 23, 10am -2pm, Career Fair sponsored by MEEP – There is an old saying: “If you always do what you did, you’ll always get what you get.” We want to change that mind set for the youth of our city. This is a personal invitation and request for the youth of our church and city to participate. MEEP will host 25 local Black Americans who have achieved a high level of success, expertise and responsibility in their particular field. Our theme is “Exploring Our Future”. This event will be held at the Pilgrim School.

* Saturday, March 9, 9am-1pm – Annual Pre-College Fair 2019 @ Marquette Alumni Memorial Union, Ballroom E. For more information contact Bro. Greg Griffin,

* February, Black History Month, was established to celebrate and recognize often neglected accomplishments of African-Americans throughout history. Each week in the month of February our children and youth will acknowledge and honor those who have contributed to our society, but who have been overlooked or forgotten. For our history facts we have chosen the title, “DO YOU KNOW”

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